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Miboe by irk Miboe :iconirk:irk 1 3
You are my poem
You are my poem
by jsenn
You float past me with the grace of
sea grass dancing in the depths, naked,
shiny, soft, hiding flashes of color
in your arms, you are inspiration,
you are my poem
I watch you sail with dolphins, flip
skyward with great humpbacked whales,
your hunger would please the tiger sharks
I see you reach upward gathering stars,
I've always known you, proud, merciful,
kind, tough, brave, I've always wanted
you, I've always wanted to write in you
I saw you standing alone, bare souled,
needing, holding toward me your pain
cupped in quivering hands, I wrote you
because I know
Standing on one leg like a stork, arms
and hands precise, you fall into giggles
at the thought of someone tracing a line
from your center, laughter contagious,
infectious, I cannot help but write my
love for you in whimsy
And you, you are encapsulating, a
whisper mirroring my desire, you fill me
and drain me in one motion, you are lust,
self-indulgence, you are sensuality, you
are my poem, ravenous
I c
:iconjsenn:jsenn 21 52
sign of the times by danzig777 sign of the times :icondanzig777:danzig777 5 13
breaking in wild horses
she screamed out her pain
as you lashed her neck
with the leather strap
but you never heard
her screams
you never noticed
her talent
her grace
she was just wasted sperm to you
wearing her heart on the sleeve
that you ripped
as you pulled
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp her
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp down
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp staircases
and beat her senseless
she still has more sense
than you ever did.
yes. i'm angry.
Angry that people like you
slip between laws like
cracks in the pavement
that our tax money
never seems to fix.
Angry that this lover of words
takes all that you said
and believes it
leaving her thinking
she's worthless
too fat
to be held
too guilty
to be protected.
too humiliated
to be alive.
I am angry.
Is this how you felt
when you let your hand
form a fist
as you released it
across her face
all those nights
as she cried
'daddy, i'm sorry'?
She told me once
You know how a wild horse
:iconutro:utro 50 78
Die Reflection Die
Whenever i look in the mirror,
I see this person that hates herself.
I see a person with cut marks on her arm.
I see someone who thinks they are invisible.
Whenever i look in the mirror,
my fear begins to run down my face,
my tears begin to run out of my skin.
Whenever i look in the mirror,
I see someone who cares so much for you,
I see someone who would die for you,
I see someone who would go to the
end of the world for you.
Whenever i look in the mirror,
I see someone who thinks your the most
beautiful person in this world.
I see someone who's waiting for you.
Nothing is more beautiful then
your love, nothing is more beautiful
then you and me together.
No matter what I will make things
better. No matter how hurt
I am, I will allways have you in my mind.
No words can describe how much i miss you
how much i think of you
how much i bleed for you
please come back to me.
Whenever i look in the mirror,
I see someone that misses you.
:icondrippingblood:drippingblood 7 25
Walking on words
Walking on words
A line of black laid out to the sunrise,
Balancing carefully I watch atop the tall T.
Curling up upon its edge,
Dreaming of a song I may one day sing,
Excited you may one day hear it.
Floating over the words you type,
Gliding on the wings you give,
Holding what hope I have.
I am here,
Just walk these words with me once more.
Kissing each word I wait for the ones I want,
Now though I must wait,
One day perhaps.
Perhaps you will word walk with me this night,
Quietly upon the sound of the keys.
Rolling words and
Sparkling letters,
Under the white skies we stroll the black word ground,
Viewing the *stars* as I perform an action.
Word walking ends with your kiss.
You leave me once more.
Zen like I wait for the end
:iconkanachi:kanachi 3 14
unfold by utro unfold :iconutro:utro 7 31 sheet series 1 by utro sheet series 1 :iconutro:utro 36 37 Abstractivity by agent64 Abstractivity :iconagent64:agent64 2 7 heat sensitive v1 by kenfernandez heat sensitive v1 :iconkenfernandez:kenfernandez 2 5 Blue DJ by djknowledge Blue DJ :icondjknowledge:djknowledge 2 6 Sana Chan by sana-chan Sana Chan :iconsana-chan:sana-chan 189 227 Golden Square by ash Golden Square :iconash:ash 4 9


I can't buy into this one. The colors of the green and the pink on the right hand side, even the purple, they are working. The texture ...


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05:06:45 AM *** You have joined #Cabal *
05:07:30 AM <darkcrescendo> bewareofthesnowman: Hilarious! Thanks for the link!
05:08:06 AM <darkcrescendo> MissOddity: Indeed. Pleasantries are bloody dull. You a writer?
05:09:34 AM <ap3x> [link]
05:09:44 AM <MissOddity> darkcrescendo: i dabble in it a bit when i can
05:11:02 AM <darkcrescendo> ap3x: Omigosh it is an emo cyclops painter! :D
05:11:19 AM <ap3x> it's a bird
05:12:01 AM <darkcrescendo> NO WAI
05:12:08 AM <ap3x> fucker
05:12:18 AM <ap3x> see if I read anymore of your fanfic
05:12:33 AM <darkcrescendo> MissOddity: The photo 'Dragons Exhale' how did you take that shot?
05:13:02 AM <darkcrescendo> ap3x: You will. You are in it for the umbrella porn
05:14:01 AM <ap3x> darkcrescendo: centipedes can masturbate using their feet.
05:14:17 AM <darkcrescendo> ap3x: Besides, it is clearly a cyclops wearing a hoodie holding a paint palette
05:14:42 AM <MissOddity> darkcrescendo: with extended shutter speed on a fire
05:14:43 AM <ap3x> really?
05:14:43 AM <darkcrescendo> Or perhaps the cyclops is tastefully wrapped in a cloth. Hard to tell.
05:14:50 AM <ap3x> I saw something completely different
05:14:52 AM <ap3x> :(
05:15:05 AM <ap3x> I mean, not just the bird
05:15:11 AM <ap3x> something completely different
05:15:32 AM <darkcrescendo> ap3x: Aye?
05:15:35 AM <ap3x> yea
05:15:40 AM <darkcrescendo> Do tell
05:15:47 AM <ap3x> It was a picture of that time your mom sucked my cock.
05:15:50 AM <ap3x> :D
05:15:51 AM <darkcrescendo> MissOddity: A nice effect
05:16:01 AM <ap3x> haha
05:16:03 AM <ap3x> sucker
05:16:11 AM *** You have been kicked by darkcrescendo * "Blow me"
05:16:15 AM *** You have joined #Cabal *
05:16:24 AM * darkcrescendo mutters "Cannot belive I walked into that one"
05:16:24 AM <ap3x> man
05:16:30 AM <darkcrescendo> ~believe
05:16:41 AM <ap3x> that bitch is going in my journal
05:16:43 AM <darkcrescendo> Got totally pwned. Bitch.

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